Minutes of Committee Meeting held on Saturday 13thOctober 2018

Present:  Jane Smith (Captain), Heather Bridgwater, Catherine O’Connor, Jenny Jenns,

Helen Perry, Wendy Smith, Janet Wood

  1. Apologies:  Hazel English, Linda Turley

  1. Minutes of last Meeting– approved

There were no matters arising

  1. Review of Club Championship: Jane felt that it was a successful day and well organised.  She did feel that it would be easier not to play if you were organising  the event.

There was some discussion as to the format of the competition. Some felt it should be still a qualifying competition, some felt there should be more people included, some felt it should be open to everyone. It was finally agreed to put it to the quarterly meeting as two options, to increase the number to 14 or be open to everyone.

  1. Treasurer’s Report: See sheet attached. Sum carried forward is £2,821.90.

The ladies invitation showed a loss but this was due to the rescheduling of the competition.

  1. Honours Board: The Board has not been updated for two years and it was thought that this was normally carried out together with the men’s sections. Helen agreed to find out who to contact.                                                                                   HP

  1. Captains’ photos:These too need to be brought up to date.  It was agreed that the two years with three captains should be taken as two group photos. These should be done professionally and it is up to the captains involved to organise. Phototec near West Worthing station was suggested.

  1. Christmas night out:  There has not been a good response to the proposed murder mystery evening particularly from the Tuesday ladies, some of whom would prefer a meal out. Jane had looked into the possibility of going to Palm Court which would be £30 per head. It would be a pity to cancel the event and Wenz agreed to speak at the quarterly meeting and suggest alternative menu choices to encourage more ladies to participate.                                                                                                        WS

  1. Competitions:  Over the coming months the competitions are mostly stableford, played over 18 holes plus fun competitions played over 14 holes apart from the

Christmas Cracker which is 18 holes. Volunteers are needed to organise the different fun competitions. Carrie will organise the Christmas Fair.  After some discussion it was agreed to revert to ladies bringing a wrapped gift worth around £5 and there would also be a raffle with the proceeds going to Jane’s charity.                CB

The Irish Medal falls on New Year’s Day, Tuesday, so this might be changed to Thursday of that week.

Helen voiced concern at the problems involved in running the eclectic as this cannot be put on the system.  It was agreed to postpone this competition until something could be sorted out. Casual cards were not quite such a problem.                   HP

Wendy asked if it was possible to indicate who was non-comp on the system but this is not possible.

Jane asked that the Order of Merit be set up to cover all 18 hole competitions apart from the mid-week medals.                                                                          HP

Helen has a considerable amount of work as handicap secretary and it would really help if ladies took more care in completing cards accurately.

It was also proposed to cancel the alternative stableford competitions and put in supplementary scores instead.  This system needs to be explained to the ladies.

In addition Helen  intends to put up a notice in the changing room explaining clearly the different formats so ladies are fully aware of the rules.                          HP

It was agreed that there was no need to keep a handicap list on the notice board as this information was available now in HowdidIdo.

  1. Handicap System Feedback: Helen has emailed HowdidIdo to see if there was any way of including eclectic on the system and if the two days’ results could be aggregated.  

            Some of the 36 handicappers are concerned that they are going up a point every time having been able to stick at 36 before and Tuesday ladies in particular need to be strongly encouraged to enter competitions and not worry about their handicap.

            It should be pointed out that all players need 38 points to play at their handicap!

  1. Social events:  Sadly the quiz had to be cancelled owing to lack of support. The quarterly meeting will be an opportunity to ask ladies for suggestions for any future events. Possibilities are race night, evening at the ‘dogs’, shuffle board possibly combined with the Hoggs.                                                                                JJ

11        Quarterly Meeting Agenda:  The following points would be raised at the quarterly meeting on 3rdNovember.

            Rules from Simon; Championship; Social; Eclectic, handicap system; Christmas night, Competition for 34-36 handicappers; trophy reminder (?) prize giving.

  1. A.O.B.

Janet tried to explain that it was no fault of the Saturday players but it was becoming a split between low and high handicappers.  Admittedly keen players wanted to play in competitions with good players and the low handicappers tended to be mostly on Saturday, something to do with age ?!

There was also a feeling that fewer Tuesday ladies were actually taking part in competitions and there were also several  non-comp players from Saturday so the actual number of  competition players on a Tuesday was dwindling.

There wasn’t an easy answer to this but the Saturday ladies were keen to dispel the misconception that they only played with good players and were more than willing to play with anyone whatever their handicap.

Next Meeting scheduled for Saturday 26th January 2019 at 12.30 p.m.


#### Minutes of Committee Meeting held on Saturday 25thAugust 2018 ####

Present:Jane Smith (Captain), Heather Bridgwater, Catherine O’Connor,

Hazel English, Jenny Jenns, Helen Perry, Wendy Smith, Janet Wood

  1. Apologies:  Carrie Belcher, Linda Turley

  1. Minutes of last meetinghad already been approved.

There were no matters arising.

  1. Competition Formats:Helen explained that the real purpose of alternative stablefords was when the competition was restricted as in the Waterfield Trophy, Granny and Senior Cup. There was some confusion over the Warterfield cup and members possibly needed to be reminded before signing up. 

The pros and cons of having alternative stablefords for EG medals was discussed.  This was something that could be looked at when preparing  next year’s diary.

  1. Quarterly Meeting:  Jane felt it would be a good idea to ask Simon to come to the next meeting and speak to the ladies about the new rules coming in in January.

Jane will liaise with Simon to find a suitable date and come back to the committee.                                                                                     JS

  1. SCLGA Update:  The entry form for the SCLGA needs to be returned by 30thSeptember.  The question of Divisions was discussed and it was finally agreed to stay with one team to be entered in Division 4 which allows any handicap.  Divisions 2 and 3 which limit entry to lower handicaps requires 7 in a team and it was felt that it might be difficult to get teams together for all the matches.                                                                                  JW

  1. Treasurer’s Report: See sheet attached. Sum carried forward is £3321.13.

Breast Cancer Care day raised the magnificent sum of £1224.

  1. Division Matches 2019– See 5

  1. Club Championship Update:  Helen has emailed everyone with details of the day.  She still needs some more helpers including someone to offer to do the table decorations.  Wendy asked that the ladies helping with half way refreshments were given clear guidance with regard to chatting to competitors.                                                                                          HP

  1. Club Championship Format: The format of the championship was discussed with suggestions that it should be extended to include more members.  One drawback was that 5 day members were asked to pay green fees but this could be met in future by the section.  Some members would find 2 rounds in 1 day too much.

Jane proposed that this be discussed at the next committee meeting giving time for people to think about the best way forward.

  1. Away Day Update:  Wendy has everything in hand and is just waiting for a few more deposits to be paid.  

  1. Social Events:  The darts evening was a great success with a good turnout.

Jenny proposed having a quiz and supper evening on 18th October. She would put up a notice once this was confirmed.                                JJ

Helen is organising the ‘murder’ for the Christmas party and will be selecting suitable ladies for the cast!                                            HP

Jenny will liaise with Sam with regard to the meal, curry and lemon posset.

The cost is likely to be around £13.

  1. Next 2 months’ competitions:  Helen went through the competitions for the next 2 months including the Daily Mail Foursomes, Autumn Meeting and Senior Cup and of course the Championship.  Hazel, Val and Gill were representing the club in the President’s Trophy and Carrie and Clare have been selected for the Ping Grand Final. 

Going into Autumn there were a whole bunch of stablefords followed by Fun Competitions played over the winter months.

  1. A.O.B.

Ladies should not be afraid of telling partners what they should or should not be doing!

Next Meeting scheduled for Saturday 13thOctober at 12.30 p.m.


#### Minutes of Committee Meeting held on Saturday 16th June 2018 ####

Present: Jane Smith (Captain), Heather Bridgwater, Carrie Belcher, Catherine O’Connor, Hazel English, Jennny Jenns, Helen Stewart, Wendy Smith, Linda Turley, Janet Wood

  1. Apologies:  None

  1. Minutes of last meeting – approval proposed by Helen and seconded by Carrie.

Matters arising: Tee swap – Linda emailed several clubs many of whom were keen to swap; Horsham next year and Bognor the year after.  Pyecombe was the only club who offered the date of 31st July but there is a big event on here that day so it would not be practical.  Linda to liaise with Wenz and Hazel re future swaps.                             LT

  1. Honoraria

 Jane had issued a proposed allocation of honoraria for the current year.

It was agreed that the competition secretary did not need anything as the system had changed.  Helen and Jenny did not feel they needed theirs but it was felt that

honoraria should be given as a general principle.  If those concerned wished to give some of the allocation back to charity that was their personal choice.  Any large expenses would be claimed for in the normal way.

The honoraria was approved as suggested, proposed by Catherine and seconded by Linda.

Linda felt that the captain should also be included but Jane was happy with the current arrangement, i.e. receiving £600 being half the annual subscription.

She will see how it goes this year and discuss with Heather to set out some rules for the future.

Heather asked if honoraria could be given out at the first meeting after the AGM which would mean settling the amounts at the meeting prior to the AGM.       

  1. Treasurer’s report

Sheet attached showing expenses up to June – not a lot to report.

The committee were in agreement that the club treasurer should have access to online banking.

  1. Eclectic cards

There was a query as to whether a lady could do an eclectic with a male member who would sign her card. It was agreed this was perfectly acceptable.

Unfortunately eclectic cards cannot be put on the system and Helen has to do a manual entry.  This is not too much of a problem at present as not many ladies actually take part in the eclectic competition.

  1.  Procedure for lightning/thunder

There was a lot of discussion as to who was responsible for calling people off the

course in the case of lightning, if anybody, and how the competition should be treated. The pro shop would not take responsibility.

It was eventually agreed that it was each person’s own decision as to whether they came off the course. If more than half those playing chose to come off as a matter of personal safety then the competition would be abandoned.  The scores of those who wished to carry on would be aggregated with the scores from the alternative day’s competition.

  1. Order of Merit

HowDidiDo holds an order of Merit function which we have now agreed to utilise and Jane has chosen this year to award the player of the year to the winner of the order of Merit.                                                                                                                                 HS                       

  1. Winter away day

Jane felt that the weather was often bad in February, as was the case last year, and it would be better played in April.  It was felt that the weather was always unpredictable and it might be better to have just one away day a year later in the Summer. 

  1. Holiday Cover

Carrie will hold the fort when Jane and Wenz are away in July.

Marina and Karen will help if necessary when Helen is away.

Jane will help when Heather is away in November.

  1. Review of competitions

Helen went through the competitions up to September. Points to note:

            Helen will liaise with Catherine and Jane re championship day.                              HS

            Jane asked Saturday ladies to fill in tee times from the bottom up in future.

  1. Social Events

Date for a darts evening to be organised.

Jenny will look at possible alternative to winter away day not dependent on the weather such as a spa day.                                                                                                         JJ                                                                                            

Jenny mentioned how at another ladies invitation there was a competition at each hole with a prize donated by each member. Food for thought for next year ?

  1. A.O.B.

The next friendly is against Chichester on 12th July.

Next meeting scheduled for Saturday 25th August 2018 at 11.30 a.m.